Dyvim's Adventure Log

The 11th legion

I will never forget the sound of them. They would howl with every kill, with every breath, a sound so horrifying I doubt it will ever stop haunting me. I watched as the others fell around me, their own screams drowning in the cacophony of our enemy. It paralyzed the young ones; they would fall down on their knees crying out for mercy. There was none to be had unless you threw yourself on your own sword. The demons tore through our ranks ripping off limbs and setting our scalps on fire. I saw them fling our comrades’ insides at us. I have seen many battles, and I have witness many deaths, but this is what I will remember and pray to never experience again. I wouldn’t send a blood ape upon my worst enemy. They enjoyed our misery and relished in it. If my comrades didn’t scream they would make it a sport to lure it out of them, if they did scream it enticed them further, making them delirious and cruel. I have never been as afraid as I was then, I soiled myself and I barely noticed. Before this I had been afraid of death, now I know there are worse things to fear.

Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn’t rather have died on that field. I often fantasize of opening up my skull, to reach in and rip out the screams. I imagine the peace it would give me, and regret that I am too weak to do it. I wonder if the others feel the same. Harkon and Leesa, who was there as well, do they have morbid thoughts like I do? We were never meant to oppose such a force… The 11th legion is gone. There are only the three of us left, and we have to make it back somehow. We have to warn our people of what’s coming.

An unexpected allegiance

This all seems so surreal. How did we end up here? These savages greet us as heroes. If only they knew what really happened. I wonder how fast we would die, if they ever found out. I haven’t learnt their ways yet; perhaps they like to torture their enemies for days on end? Or maybe they would simply enslave us and sell us to crueler beasts. Either way, we could never tell them, we are safe here and we must keep it that way. Traveling alone has proved difficult; if Harkon wasn’t with us we would have starved long ago. I am useless at hunting and you’d think I’d never learnt the difference between a mushroom and a slug, but as it turns out Harkon is a skilled hunter and have provided our meals so far. These Quoraki, however, are many in number. Traveling with them could be profitable; they have already told us about their allegiance with the Linowans. What I know of them is that they travel on the rivers. If we could sway them to take us westward, then home wouldn’t seem so far away.

I do my best to fit in with the Quoraki, I participate in their traditions and I learn their ways. Let Harkon and Leesa frown all they want, this is not home, and all I do will eventually bear fruit. They will thank me then. Harkon has nestled his way into their leader’s tent and Leesa has swayed the women to her side. She told a story of how the Mardyn, a long time enemy of the Quoraki, had slain her fiancé and in retribution we had destroyed one of his villages. However unbelievable that might sound, a village had in fact been destroyed and the Mardyn would gladly say it was because of us. No matter what really happened, the Quoraki believed her story and when they offered one of their own men to her in compassion, she claimed she and I had fallen in love. This was, in truth, not necessary at all, but I played along. The Quoraki mean to wed us upon meeting with the Linowan’s.

Miserable existence

Stupid girl! With no proper priest, and out here so far from home, how could it happen? I want to cut her throat! It’s too late for that now; I made a promise and now I am bound to protect her until the day I die. Damn it all! I will make her pay for this. These thoughts repeat themselves over and over as I celebrate my happiness. I drink and I eat, and I laugh, I look at my wife with love in my eyes. Later she will learn how I really feel. Shame is creeping up on me but I fend it off with anger. I rage at it, rip and tear it apart. I have no blame in this, it is all on her.
I wake up early, see Leesa next to me and I remember what I have done. My heartbeat speeds up as if during hard labor, my stomach churns and shame clamps down its jaws around my throat. I can’t think of anything but my family, what they would think of me and what they would do to me, if they knew what I have done. I empty my stomach as I stumble out of the tent. In panic I search the camp for Harkon. I don’t know what he can do for me, but he is the only one that could possibly understand. We have to make it back to the realm, alas now I know that I will die even if I do.

High price

The Linowans have brought us further than I ever dared hope for. Though now when we have left them, I wonder just how much we let them take from us. I’ve given away something important, something I shouldn’t have parted with. I can feel the hole it left inside. Over and over it draws my attention, I poke at it, I twist and turn to get a better look, but I still can’t remember what used to be there. All I can hope for is that I will never need that part of me again.
Sometimes when I close my eyes, when I dream, I see him. He dances around a fire in celebration; his hands dripping with blood. He holds a human heart high above his head, and I know it is mine, my missing piece. He howls at the sky and then sinks his teeth into it. Blood spurts from between his lips as he chews, he gives up small ecstatic noises as he swallows. When he is done he looks at me and he smiles.

The end of the line

I am hurting. It’s nibbling at my brain. Stealing pieces of it for itself. It’ll all be gone soon. Peleps Dyvim will be no more. I wonder if I will miss him? No time to think, no time to mourn. I must find it, I must have it! Where is it!

I’m bound. Why? Think, think… THINK!

They would let me loose, I know it. I must make them, but how, how… it tickles when it bites. I blink to see the reflection. Tiny flames flickering. My eyes hurt, but it is all good. They are his children, they could take me to him if only I feed them. Bound… I’m bound… why?

I will make them free me. I could do it, I have before, but I must hurry. Peleps is fading. Soon it’ll be gone and I won’t know how. Burning, biting, taking, stealing- I will pretend. I can lie to them. I must find it. I will find it!

Dyvim's Adventure Log

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