Great Forks

Great Forks is an enormous city of half a million inhabitants or more, located along the shores of the Yellow River. The splendid and confusing town is home to a variety of individuals.

Some features of Great Forks, pertinent to the heroes, are:

*The Iron Tower, and the Black Axe Abbey in its shadow. This part of Great Forks is home to very strict monks, including the Iron Monks and the Black Axe Brotherhood.
*The Prosperous Pig, a large alehouse and restaurant specializing in whole grilled boars and pigs. Frequented by mercenaries and other far travelers, as it’s easy to find from the Dragon Gate.
*The Temple of Lydia, whose stone pipes and strange cymbals play melodies in the wind.
*The Old University, looming over many of the smaller temples.
*The Blue Door, a whorehouse of truly decadent proportions.
*White Moon, a luxurious guest-house with very submissive servants.

Interesting people of Great Forks include:
*Master Shu of the Black Axe Brotherhood.
*Brother Zhar of the Black Axe Brotherhood, guards the door. Lacks some teeth.
*Mok, a mercenary of the White Lion Brigade, and Garro, his commander, and Jom, his gambling friend.
*Raven, Fox, and Mouse, a trio of ne’er-do-wells that frequent gambling dens.
*The Priesthood of Lydia.
*Minna, a doctor who specializes in slaves’ health.
*Cynis Nodo, a Dragon-Blood.
*N’doru, a man who specializes in finding things, currently in Nodo’s employ.
*Alonzo Alvares, a charming river pirate and thug.
*Gordo, a slaver.
*Anya, a northern mercenary, watching a shipment for Wise Hog.
*Wise Hog, owner of the Prosperous Pig.
*Glowing Stone/Bright Smoke, a split-personality goddess of the forge.
*The Pear Lady, a Life Tree goddess of pear trees.
*Iron Courage, an asthmatic boy who’s led a very sheltered life.
*Bakchu, a Wyld Barbarian with a dislike for clothing.
*Temür, a filthy Marukan with a taste for whores.
*Lord Fang, a Scavenger Lord.

Great Forks

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