Lord Fang

Lord Fang is a scavenger lord headed southwest to investigate some ruins. She is a skilled, intelligent and perceptive woman with interest in First Age machinery.

Her retinue includes:

*Renzo, her closest manservant
*Dori, a zealous prophet of the Cult of the Illuminated
*Old Crow, a bald, friendly priest of Venus
*Mother Elsinore, a badly burnt and scarred woman wearing leather
*Indra, a copper-haired slaver
*Trask, a hot-headed guard who tried to steal Leesa’s helmet
*Atton, friendly guard who saw a ghost
*Odun, a dying man with a cracked skull. Now dead.
*An unnamed slave, who spoke to Leesa in the hold of the ship.

Traveling with her are also, in company of the Legionnaires:

*Marissa, a former sex slave
*Temür, a filthy Marukan

Lord Fang

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