Lord Hong

Scavenger Lord Hong is a young scavenger lord, who inherited the title from is father. His estate is in an enclave of scavenger lords, somewhere to the west of Sosa.

Lord Hong himself is young, boy-faced and vain, and has a great thirst for knowledge. He’s black-haired and green-eyed and looks rather feminine.

His retinue includes the following people:

*Marya, a Southern woman, head of his bodyguards.
*Fang-Jian, a sorcerer-engineer from a Valkhawsen filial, trained in Old Realm and High Realm. White-haired and pale-eyed.
*Rakorath, head of a Guild mercenary team known as “Rakorath’s Men”. Big nose, bigger mustache, cares greatly for his men.
*Karl, hot-headed mercenary who got in a fight with Dyvim.
*Reno, a mercenary.
*Gorth, a jovial hunter with an ugly face, hails from a nearby village.
*Joar, also known as Mister Baker, a pudgy little chef.

“Lord Hong” was discovered to actually be the daughter of the old Lord Hong, who was assassinated by Red Viper.

Lord Hong

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