Master Shun

Master Shun is a travelling merchant, serving under Merchant Lord Gupta Wintersmith. He is a rough, calloused man who dresses in luxurious yellow robes.

Part of Master Shun’s entourage are:

*Oifinn, a grey-haired scribe and accountant. He’s interested in books, particularly epic tales and histories.
*Marissa, a cynical pleasure slave. Dark-haired and mysterious. Often wrapped in a toga of sorts. Was freed by Dyvim.
*Kit, or “Kitty”. A slave boy of 14 years, supposedly an idiot.

He has also employed eight mercenaries from the Temple of Hu Dai Liang. These include:

*Bran, a broad-faced mercenary with a mean temper. Leader of the bunch.
*Conway, a mercenary and amateur chef. Likes making jam.
*Jiro, a Far Easterner with a paranoid streak. Rarely caught without his armor and shield.

And as of recent:
*Red Viper, an assassin, traveling with the heroes.

Master Shun

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