Seregoth is a small nation in the Hundred Kingdoms, located some three days travel from the fields of the Greyfalls Massacre. Protected from the north and east by a stretch of forest, it borders on the lands of the Quoraki to the south, and on trackless wilderness to the west.

Seregoth consists of five villages, the primary three of which are:

*Bitbig, a larger town, where people live in very crowded wooden towers behind a palisade wall, defended from Quoraki raids. This town is de facto ruled by a council of old people, with prominent names being Margot and Stina. Bitbig also houses Captain Thayn, a military man.

*Hamville, a town of pig-farmers, located furthest to the north. Its people have mysteriously learned some basic spear techniques. Two hunters live here, named Yond and Seifer.

*Three Springs, formerly a town of hunters and lumberjacks, now a broken ghost town. The witch Synnora lives in the wilderness outside it, and it was once home to the famous lumberjack Joeshmuck. He’s dead now. Here lived also the huntress Yindra; her fate is unknown.

Of note in Seregoth is their ruler and champion, known as The Mardyn.


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