The Quoraki

The Quoraki are a barbarian race, who worship Golden-Eyed Jorst and live on the hills and plains to the south of Seregoth. They live in mobile villages as hunter-gatherers, with their primary game being flightless birds – from small dodo-like creatures, to the large and fearsome austrech. They are matriarchal, and ruled by women in all matters except fighting and hunting.

Some Quoraki of note include, in the Edgewalker Clan:

*Chief Sardon, chief of a village. A great hunter, but he’s growing old and slow.
*Raxx, a young warrior, under Sardon’s rule.
*Agola, a respected middle-aged woman.

And in the Bloodraider Clan:

*Chief Morkon, an aging but powerful warrior.
*Salai, a silver-haired wise woman married to the Chief.

The Quoraki have sworn a blood-feud to destroy The Mardyn, a task which is complicated by how the Mardyn’s followers claim he cannot die. They prey on his followers, killing them viciously, often by castration as a sacrifice to Golden-Eyed Jorst.

The Quoraki

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