Harkon's Thoughts

Night watch, two days after the end of Everything
So we’re what’s left.. An old man, a girl, and Dyvim.

Remember the girl. Fresh blood, joined not a year ago. Made a right fool of herself in training. Guess I lost that bet with Ven, never thought she’d last a fight. And now this.. I’ll make do with what I have. Girl might help yet, pretty girl can make young men do all kinds of stupid.

Dyvim. Guess I should have known he’d make it.. We’d all heard about ‘The Peleps Grunt’, not that anyone would be fool enough to say that to his face. Not if you liked having a face, anyways. Always got himself out of sticky situations, that one. Good soldier. There may be hope yet.

Joran.. I won’t let you down. I’ll get there. I will.

The Unrecorded Chronicle
You’re waiting here to die, and die you will. One by one, you’ll die. Before long, the food will be spent. Might be some of you will be dead by then, I don’t know. But the food will run out, and you’ll start dying. Slowly, at first, it always starts slow. I’ve seen it happen, I have. The sickly are the first to go, and they have it easy. They don’t have to suffer what comes next. They don’t have to feel the hunger, the true hunger. Before long, the screaming starts, the silent screaming, deep inside you. Deep inside the dark pit of your stomach, the screaming will wake him. Him, the beast that lives in all men. He is worse than the screaming, he is. He will plead with you, smother you with silken words. Look, he will say, look at that one. He is already dead, he will say. He won’t mind, and you’re so hungry. Just a small bite, he’ll say, just this once. At first, the beast will sicken you. You’ll rage against him, with what little spirit you have left. Oh yes, you’ll rage. At first. Then you’ll beg, beg for him to stop, to go away, to leave you alone. But the beast never goes away, and he only sleeps when fed.

You’re waiting to die, you are. And die you will. But there’s an easier way. A better way.

Come. Why don’t you join me for a drink?

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Harkon's Thoughts

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